Tips For New Cat Owners

If you are thinking about getting a cat and haven’t had one before, here are some tips for new cat owners to help acclimate their new feline friend.

The best way to help your new cat not feel overwhelmed is to set up a room to keep your new cat in for the first couple of days. This way you can be sure they are using the litter box and the can’t go hide somewhere where you can’t get them out if they are scared. The best place would be a bedroom that you can sleep in with your new kitty so they can get used to you when it’s nice and quiet in the house. Using scoopable litter in an uncovered litter box is what most cats prefer.

As your new cat seems to feel more comfortable and relaxed you can start letting them out of that room for short periods to explore the house. Make sure there are no strings or yarn that they can get into and to possibly eat. Also always keep an eye when they start playing with any toys you have purchased for them to be sure they don’t chew them and potentially eat part of them.

Most cats like to be able to get up high to explore and feel safe. Cat trees placed throughout the house allow your new cat to watch and acclimate but feel safe. Make sure you have at least one more box than the number of cats you have and place them in different quiet areas of the house.

Some cats may like an area to hide. Cardboard boxes with a hole for them to go in and out with a blanket inside work great!

If you are getting a kitten two are twice the fun! It will give them an automatic playmate and help keep them out of trouble! There’s nothing cuter and as entertaining as watching two kittens play!

It’s important to have different scratching posts in multiple locations throughout the house. It helps to have a variety of types too since some cats prefer to scratch on different materials such as cardboard, carpet, or sisal.

If you have a dog at home when your cat is feeling comfortable in its room you can start introducing them to the dog. Ideally, the dog should be crated or on a leash when the kitty is starting to explore the house so you can have some control over the introductions.

Just take things slow and let your new cat get acclimated at its own pace. They are all different. A great book about cat behavior and tips about making your house cat friendly are Total Cat Mojo by Jackson Galaxy.

Your cat should be brought in for a physical exam and stool sample check within a few days of bringing it home to be sure it is healthy. Different cat breeds have different personality traits so if you are looking at a purebred cat be sure to research the breed first to be sure that’s what you are looking for in a cat.

Please don’t hesitate to call us with questions about getting a new cat or once you have your new cat!